Thinking Differently About Leading: The Principles of Leading with Belief


Beliefs-The Missing Link 

We tend not to notice the beliefs that we hold much like we tend not to notice the air that we breathe. Air provides our life force and beliefs provide our direction … and much of this remains beyond us. Some of our beliefs sit just below the surface. We can readily access them when we sense their impacts, or someone points them out to us. Some of our beliefs are much harder to access. They are part of our “operating system”. We must step outside ourselves and look inward to see them. This is why beliefs have become the missing link in leadership. 

The Power of Beliefs 

Our beliefs, and the beliefs of our leaders, have the power to give and to take life. The greatest of our achievements have been accomplished because of what the visionaries and leaders among us have believed to be possible. Beliefs are among the most constructive and destructive forces on our planet, and to be effective, leaders must understand their origin, their nature, and their impact. 

The Impact of Beliefs 

Beliefs impact the way we act and react to others and to events. If we believe we have been criticized by an employee we may be dismissive. If we believe we have been given helpful feedback, we may adopt that feedback and change our own beliefs. Beliefs impact the quality of our relationships and the quality of our lives. They determine the level of our success ... and even what success means to us. 

The Benefits of Working with Beliefs 

Working with beliefs is practical and anyone can learn how. Our focus is on the beliefs of our leaders. It is on how those leaders can learn to work with beliefs to create a better context and a brighter future. We cannot change a value, but we can change a belief. We cannot change an event, but we can change what we believe about it. And since we can change our beliefs, we can become much, much more effective as professionals and as leaders. This is the power that comes from Leading with Belief. By working with beliefs we can all create faster, more effective, and longer-lasting change.  

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