Dr. Morton's work is informed by international perspectives and guided by the following values, processes, and methods:​





Spirit of Helpfulness

Approached with helpful intentions, the interests of people and organizations can typically be aligned. Managed well, the needs of a person and the needs of an organization can most often be harmonized. When this is not the case, solutions that are in the best interests of all can typically be found.


Openness and Transparency

Openness, candour, and integrity in processes are essential underpinnings of trust. With trust, a professional assessment will become more accurate, a coaching process will become more helpful, and a team development process will become more effective.​


Respect for Privacy

Information about a person belongs first to that person and second to those who have a legitimate role to play in his or her career. Confidentiality and consent to share information are underpinnings of trusted, credible, and respectful processes.





Guided by Science

Scientific research and rigour have a great deal to offer business. Structured interviews, well-constructed management simulations, and well-validated questionnaires, informed by research and used with common sense, bring accuracy and well-founded legitimacy to processes.


Informed by Experience

There is no substitute for experience. Professionals contribute the most when they work directly in their field of expertise and have done so for some time.​


Sensitive to Context

A working understanding of organizations, their structures, cultures, and operating environments, is essential to making the best professional and business decisions.





Values and Beliefs

Recognizing that values, beliefs, and assumptions determine emotions and actions is the entry point for bringing about change in cultures, processes, people, and teams. When beliefs change, feelings and behaviour will follow.​



The quality of relationships has a significant impact on the quality of outcomes. Outcomes are best when clients participate in and enjoy the consulting process.​



All work is conducted in accordance with the Codes of Conduct of the Ontario College of Psychologists and the Association of Certified Management Consultants (CMC-Canada).